Tanning Equipment

We have 4 levels of tanning solutions to meet your needs.

Level 1 – Ambition 250

This is our entry level bed. It features 32 120 watt lamps and 3 high pressure facials tanners that can be turned off and on throughout the session.  This is a great bed to build your base tan in!

Level 2 – Ambition 300

This is a step up from the level 1. It features 20 160 watt lamps on top and 20 120 watt lamps on the bottom along with 3 high pressure facials tanners that can be turned off and on throughout the session. This bed is a great to take your tan to the next level!

Level 2 – Radius 252

This is our stand-up unit. It features 52 200 watt lamps. It is great for tanning under the arms and other hard to tan areas. Very popular and gives great results!

Level 3 – Evolution 600

This is our bronzing bed. It is very spacious and features 46 160 watt UVA lamps to darken your tan. It also has 3 high pressure facial tanners that can be switched set on high, medium, low or off and it also has neck and should tanners to focus on those hard to tan areas. This bed is 80% less likely to burn than regular beds. This bed gives you gorgeous dark color and helps extend the life of your tan.

Level 4 – Open Sun 1050

This is our high pressure bed. It features 27 high pressure body units and 3 high pressure facial tanners. This bed is the highest quality bed we offer. It gives dark, beautiful color quick and the combination of UVA and UVB gives you longer lasting color than any other bed, a very even tan and minimal drying of the skin.

Level 1- Ambition 250

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